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Boudoir Shoot Questions and Answers

So you see all of these posts about boudoir shoots and your first thought is wow I would love to do that, but then you have a million other questions run through your mind so you decide (for whatever reason) to put off booking that session. Well, I am here to tell you stop those worries and book the damn session!!!! Ok, maybe not quite that forward, but I do want to address some of those concerns/questions for you. Maybe you have already come out and asked the questions, maybe you posted the question on my insta stories (if you aren't already, go give me a follow here), maybe you were to nervous to ask the questions yourself, or maybe you don't actually have any questions and have all your shit in life figured out already (if this is you please share your magic ways). Whoever you are I strongly encourage you continue reading, especially if you one day want to book a boudoir session.

So here goes.... Boudoir Q&A

Q: You see my posts on social media and think DAAAYYUUUMMMNN these ladies are on fire, I could never do that.

A: Ok not really a question, more so a statement that majority of women think. I am here to say yes you can and yes you should!! I strongly believe that every body is sexy and every single woman on this planet deserves to see that. You are beautiful exactly how you are, taking the step and booking your session is a great step in loving yourself.

Q: But how will I know what to do?

A: You won't, thats why you hire a professional. Leading up to your session I will send you tons of info on how to prepare. Everything from skin care ideas, what to bring, beauty tips, to stretching (trust me you will want to stretch cause you will leave feeling like you just had a killer workout), I will be open, honest, and answer any and every question you may have. During the session I tell you exactly what to do. I direct every part of your body to create those killer images that you want! I will get right into the position, I will move your body parts, I will tell you where to look, where to put your hand, heck I will even tell you how to breathe. Ultimately what I am saying is don't worry about what to do, that's my job!

Q: I'm so awkward though.

A: That's ok so am I, let's be awkward together. Also see above haha.

Q: I want to book a session, but I need to lose x amount of pounds first.

A: This one is a hard one for me. I could go into how much I hate this and hate the fact that we as women think we need to be smaller to be more beautiful. I could talk about how I get this struggle, I have been there (heck some days I'm still there). I could talk about how EVERY BODY is beautiful. I could make this question into an entire blog post, but thats not what this is about so I will just say that the camera does not notice 20 pounds. You are beautiful, you should do the session to show you just how beautiful you are, exactly as you are.

Q: I don't know what to wear?

A: I will help you with this. Once your session is booked, you will fill out a questionnaire that will go over the style you want for your shoot, your favourite and least favourite body parts, and a bunch of other things. I will use all of this info to help you style your session! I am here for you every step of the way (hello luxury experience), I will let you know styles and colours that will flatter you. And best of all, if you don't want to go purchase something new I have a client closet with pieces sized xs-xxxl that can be used for all full boudoir photography experiences. Unfortunately the client closet is not available for mini sessions.

Q: But what will I do with these photos?

A: I am a firm believer that images should be printed and not just put away on a USB that will be forgotten about. Yes even intimate boudoir photos. Because of this I have tailored my boudoir business for exactly this purpose. I offer a variety of ways to display your images to suit exactly your desire. A little black book as a gift to your partner (hello birthday gift for the husband or wife who has everything), a luxury album for you to look at and see how stunning you are, a high quality metal print to look at daily and remind yourself of your beauty. I offer it all and more!

Q: I am a private person and do not want anyone to see these images.

A: That is OK!!! My entire process is done with your comfort in mind. My model release form is structured in a way to give you options of comfort levels. From not posting your images anywhere, to posting only in my private ladies only VIP facebook group (find it here, we have a kick as supportive community), to posting images without your face, to posting anything on any of my business pages. I respect and understand your privacy. I also will not edit your images in public spaces or around my husband or children. I have specific days and times when I am alone to edit intimate portraits, trust me I have a million other things to do when they are at home. I also work with an amazing women only company when printing your albums! Trust me when I say this company is amazing at not only creating luxury products but keeping your privacy in mind and respected. Oh and they are Canadian which is also pretty rad!!

Q: Can you edit out my insecurities?

A: Absolutely! Have some cellulite you want smoothed, or some acne you want removed, by all means I can edit those out. But also if you want those in your photos I can keep them in too, these photos are for YOU and I want them to be exactly how you want them!

Keeping that in mind I will not alter body shapes, I strive to help women love the bodies they are in so this is not something I will do. If you do want boudoir portraits with some body alterations I will absolutely refer you to another amazing Edmonton based photographer. And thats ok, I love supporting other local photographers, community over competition am I right?

Q: Is hair and make up included?

A: YES! I have a few amazing ladies I work with that will ensure your hair and makeup are on fleek (thats what the cool kids say now right?) They are licensed professionals who know whats up! Their fee is included in your session fee.

There you have it. The most asked questions and my answers in regards to boudoir photography. Do you have a question that didn't get answered? Log in and ask it in the comments and I will answer it for you. If you read this and are like damn, I need to do this send me a message, an email, a post card whatever let's get you booked in your your self love session!! On the fence still? Come join our private community over on facebook.

Thanks for reading,


Double EM Photography

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